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PostPosted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 3:50 pm 
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Minutes of OEDL Board of Directors Meeting 12/11/17 @Cherry Street


Present: Don Keith Mike George Billmo Ben Jeff Paul Joe Alan
Absent: None
Called to order at 8:14 pm.
Don resigns as Recording Secretary. Ben Herman is elected unopposed.

Previous meetings minutes are reviewed. BOD vote on penalty points via email will be added to
Minutes of this meeting. Minutes approved.

Division 3 Penalty Points vote - BoD voted 4-3 to keep all PP, with 3 members abstaining due to
conflict of interest.

Officer Reports
President - Reminded to keep respectful and clear communications among board members.
Previous minutes distributed to all BoD members. Distribute officer duties and vendors. Craig
Smith issue is discussed. Another incident shooting at Good Dog. Owners reached out to GD
capt. Drunk, Smoking, unscrewed light bulbs. Good Dog taking no action. Discussion takes
place about whether or not the board have a responsibility. Jeff raises the point that without a
formal complaint, no action possible. Don will reach out to Spoonie. It is decieded that R&R
need to revisit personal conduct.
Chairman & Equipment Committee - Nothing
Treasurer & League Recorder - Ahead by about 5.5K, attributed to fee increases. Report
League Director & Seeding Committee - No current issues for playoffs. Stats need to be signed
off by both captains or no credit for personal stats. Post match changes have been suspected.
Discussion of whether initials are needed for stats to be accepted. Cavs RH match moved to
comply with 4 teams home. 4 all star packages missing - 5,7,8, and 9. Paul is co-chair for
Vice President - GMM signin leaving front table. Sign-in for spring will be official. A board
member signed in 2 people at fall GMM. The sign-in sheets were turned over to the Secretary.
Action Plan for Spring GMM proposed by Ben. Jeff proposes meeting prior will plan next GMM
in more detail.
General Secretary - nothing.
Event Committee - nothing new.
Awards Committee - nothing new. Jeff and Billmo coordinating on mugs.
R&R Committee - Payment plan from Jeff proposed. Billmo concerns about smaller teams.
Potential new meeting proposed during the Spring Season.

Board Members
Old Business
Ray Fisher - Roster submitted. Participants need to be informed about dress code.
Spring Registration - Package pickup @ Oneals or Headhouse
Email registration this week. Populated Google sheets are currently unavailable but we will
check with Lauren about implementing them. Discussion about a Primos reimbursement bought
up by Jeff.
40 year swag - Discussion about outshout chart giveaway to all bars. Pocket size version for
whole league proposed by Billmo. A swag store will be set up by Ben and presented at next
New Business
League Tech - DartConnect beta division discussed. George will add to this proposal to his
registration email to gage league interest. And will this ultimately replace division statisticians is
Ben proposes adding a league tech director, and will work towards getting all info together.
League Forums - Discussion about moving it to FB temporarily. John Huns is still working on it.
Sponsor Specials and Food - Issue raised by Joe. They are currently not required, but
encouraged. A proposal to require all new sponsors to have them is proposed.
PP issue - A system with a max amount of penalty points is proposed, accompanied by other
penalties such as team suspension, probation, or fines. This would have to go through R&R.
New Captain orientation, tabled.
Decided to post player fees due at registration and send schedule to Lauren to post.
Jeff reminds seeding committee members to start homework on seeding.
Next Meeting will be at 2nd Street Irish Society @ 7 pm on 1/16/18
Adjourn @ 9:57


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